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Hi! I am Marian Hilliard, Owner and Lead Planner with Unveiled Events, LLC, formerly known as Everlasting Events & Wedding Decor. 

As we have grown over the last seven years and learned more of what our ideal clients want and need, it was time for change and a more focused direction to best fit their needs!

One of the reasons why Unveiled Events is so special is our focus on continued education. Education is one of the pillars I have built my life on. I hold two Associate's degrees and numerous certifications that help improve myself to better serve my clients. To me, education is necessary no matter your line of work, whether you choose the career or the career chooses you!

I am a proud member of the Association of Bridal Consultants, known as the Standard for Wedding Excellence, as an Accredited Wedding Planner.  I am working towards my professional goal of becoming a Master Wedding Planner. There are currently less than 100 Master Wedding Planners in the world as they are truly the Wedding Elite!

When I started in the wedding industry, I didn’t find it yet it found me! In nursing school working towards the hospice or oncology sector, my beloved late father fell ill with kidney failure. I realized during this time how truly fragile life is and became a critical moment towards realizing what is important. I realized that time with family and friends and creating beautiful memories with them that would last for me well after they were gone. I never intended to become an event planner and only had some experience “doing” weddings for friends and family over the years. At the time and where I lived, weddings were simple affairs, and even when writing a business plan in college I still thought "no one actually ‘becomes’ a wedding planner, at least not in my area of North Carolina". The ceremony was often held in the church your family attended for generations and a simple reception was to follow in the fellowship hall. Looking back now, I can’t help but chuckle at how little I knew. There is more to a wedding or an event than most realize. To be transparent, I did not realize the depth that it takes to plan weddings/events like we do today. 

Now, 20 years later, one of the best parts of my job is creating your vision out of thin air! The looks on my clients' faces when I unveil their event space privately before anyone else brings a smile to my face deep from my heart. Seeing their vision come to life in their eyes is by far the best moment ever! It is truly the "unveiling" of the event that makes me love my career. 

I did not pick the wedding industry, but I thank God daily that He picked it for me! Seeing my couples see their vision for the first time brings me so much joy. My team and I create your vision and work diligently to make sure it is truly more than you could ever imagine. When you choose Unveiled Events, LLC, you are trusting every detail is executed to precision by staff who willingly go above and beyond. Furthermore, we focus on solutions instead of problem-solving and making sure our clients' vision is our creativity.

Above all, you are choosing to be a guest at your event! 

At Unveiled Events, our passion is in creating the event of your dreams!

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